"Patience People"

Ah yes, the Turkey is barely digested, but there is shopping to do, a tree to adorn, and plans to be made!  The Advent/Christmas Season is fast upon us and we just want to get everything done and want everything to happen as soon as possible. Yeah, it’s true, patience is not a virtue too many have been gifted. Yet, I can remember since I was a child what my grandmother always says after Christmas dinner, “well it’s all over now.”   Her words ring so true, we all rush around at Christmas time and just like that “it’s over.”  What do we have to look forward to then? The long cold winter!  So why can’t we live in the moment? Why can’t we have a little patience?

In all reality, patience has never been a virtue for the masses.  The Hebrews sang out “O Come, O Come, Emmanuel”, but when Jesus came to Ransom Israel they didn’t take notice, didn’t believe, and helped to hang Him on a tree.   All that waiting, all that anticipation and they, for the most part, wouldn’t accept the Christ Child and would go back to waiting for someone else.

Sometimes I think we react in about the same fashion as the Hebrews.  We know the Christmas Story, we say we accept what God has done for each of us through Jesus Christ our Savior, and yet we are still impatiently waiting for something better.   Yes, when will my prayers be answered just as I desire, when will my life get better as I see it, and when will Jesus come back again and fix this mess!  We often impatiently focus on what is to come or what we hope is to come, instead of living in the beauty of the moments the Lord has gifted us.

This Advent Season let us not be looking so far into the future that we cannot enjoy the grace and love around us.  Let us live with a certainty in what God has done through the Christ Child, and with a patient attitude of bringing God’s kingdom near this Christmas.

In the Peace and Love of Christ this Blessed Season,
Pastor Brady